We live in complicated times where technology has given us the chance and the obligation to recognize that we cannot ignore the needs of others. We are all in this world together. Born and raised in Ferguson, Missouri, Keyon is keenly aware of how important it is for us all to become engaged in solving these difficult issues around tolerance, compassion, education, and economic access, irrespective of whether they are erupting in your background (like in Ferguson) or just on your television screen.

Keyon is passionate about using his voice as an artist to give a voice to those who need our help most. He is honored to be collaborating with and supporting several organizations that are doing the most urgent work to help those who need us most from underprivileged youth in America to women in Afghanistan and refugees in Syria. And he will continue to dedicate his time and talents to ensuring that these vulnerable populations get the resources and attention they need most to survive and thrive.

He is honored to be a founding partner of "Compositions for a Cause" as well as to partner with Strength and Honor.
Compositions For A Cause
Strength and Honor

If you would like Keyon to use social media to raise visibility about a non-profit cause that supports global women's rights, America's underprivileged youth, eradicating poverty and hunger, the resettlement of refugees, the dignified integration of ex-offenders, and increasing quality education access at home and abroad, please contact him here.